Écrits: A Selection (Routledge Classics)

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Gli scritti tecnici di Freud [Libro I].

Jacques Lacan - Wikipedia

An introductory dictionary of Lacanian psychoanalysis. A non-oedipal psychoanalysis? Interrogating the Real [Bloomsbury revelations edition]. Johnson, T. The end of dissatisfaction? The Psychoses. SUNY series alternatives in psychology. O seminario: livro 2 - o eu na teoria de Freud e na tecnica da psicanalise, Formations of the Unconscious.

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1st Edition

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This page was last edited on 25 May , at This page has been accessed times. Jacques Lacan. Routledge Classics Ecrits : A Selection , , , , The Topic Of The Imaginary.

L'ethique de la psychanalyse, , Television : A Challenge to the Psychoanalytic Establishment , Joyce avec Lacan. Fallus'un Anlam?


My Teaching , Einaudi paperbacks, Il seminario: l'io nella teoria di Freud e nella tecnica della psicanalisi [Libro II] , VIII, []. La cosa freudiana e altri scritti.

O seminario [3. Scritti [Vol.

Il mio insegnamento e Io parlo ai muri , The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psycho - analysis Peregrine Books , , , Ecrits: A Selection , The Triumph of Religion , preceded by Discourse to Catholics Psychoanalytic interventions. He sketches a metaphysics and an ethics grounded in the living uncertainties of the analytic dialogue. And, while seeming always to be on the verge of announcing a grand system, a theory of theories, he never in fact does so.

Ecrits: A Selection

All the papers began life as lectures or addresses to professional bodies, and in their printed form still breathe the air of the occasions that prompted them. Lacan is an intellectual performance artist: he plays to his audience and does much of his own most exciting thinking by spontaneously hybridising the thought of others.

1901 - 1981

Moreover, Lacan is a fierce polemicist, much given to the denunciation of individuals and groups who in his view have betrayed the original Freudian insights. I am indebted to George Gross, Baudouin Jourdan and Stuart Schneiderman for their help with many of the difficulties presented by this uniquely difficult work.

I should also like to acknowledge assistance from the Arts Council of Great Britain. The short glossary below is not intended to provide adequate definitions of concepts.