Mapping European Security After Kosovo

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Service for foreign policy instruments FPI. Search: search. The Westphalian principle of sovereignty — originally created by monarchs to ensure their position against popular movements, and systematically mis used by rulers against their own subjects — is being eroded. In fact, the Weberian principle of the state as possessing a legitimate monopoly on violence seems to be failing. Sovereigns no longer hold this monopoly: it now belongs to the international community.

In the new normative paradigm of Idealpolitik, sovereignty is no longer an ontological given, no longer inviolate.

Facing the Transatlantic Truth: Divergent US and European Security Interests

In some cases, it may be restricted for example, Milosevic's token sovereignty over Kosovo or Saddam Hussein's. An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page. If the problem persists, please try again in a little while.

Accession of Kosovo to the European Union - Wikipedia

No cover image. The book offers a conceptual overview of the Kosovo debate, placing these events in the context of globalisation, European integration and the discourse of modernity and its aftermath.

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It then examines Kosovo's impact on the idea of war. One of the great paradoxes of the war in Kosovo was that it was not just one campaign but two: there was the ethnic cleansing campaign in Kosovo and the allied bombing campaign against targets in Kosovo and all over Serbia. Serbia's killing of Kosovo has set the parameters of the Balkanisation-integration nexus, offering 'Europe' and the West in general a unique opportunity to suggest itself as the strong centre that keeps the margins from running away.

Europe's East: Mapping Europe’s Strategic Landscape

Next, it investigates 'Kosovo' as a product of the decay of modern institutions and discourses like sovereignty, statehood, the warring state or the United Nations system. If you wish to see the full range of our content, please go to the manchesterhive main site.

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