The Industries of the Future

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But it has some merits that I will describe in the end…. Why do I claim such a thing? Let me just mention one example.

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To show the potential of robots in the future, Ross reminds us Foxconn claim in that it would have installed one million robots in by So who is right? When you want to talk about the future, you need to be precise about the present…. Home Next Generation Artificial intelligence. Print Subscribe.

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The industries of the future. Back to Top. Related Tags Digital Disruption. You might also like. Big Data 3 min. Artificial intelligence 5 min. Artificial intelligence 4 min.

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An error has occurred. Geography and, in particular, the forthcoming role of cities in the forthcoming chant wave of change. In sum, expertise and technology governance will happen differently. How distributed will industries be in the future? How will data-driven industries spread over the world? Another question is worth asking here! This question is essential, and with it comes a variety of questions relating to governance.

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  5. The Industries of the Future.
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  7. Genomics will become the next trillion-dollar industry?
  8. Can innovation happen without political freedom? How will countries such as China, India or even Singapore succeed in empowering their citizens? Want more? Read the book! Innovation and technology are everywhere, but who knows what really takes place?

    The Industries of the Future (Audiobook) by Alec Ross |

    Well, The Industries of the Future is one of those books you need to read if you want to start making your own opinion. There are lots of books on the issue of technology developments , in fact. But two books are particularly worth your attention, your time and your money, though.

    One was written by Martin Ford, a futurist journalist who shows the negative aspects of the technological revolution discussed by Alec Ross, with a special focus on Robots. In sum, technology rimes with mass unemployment.

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    The other was written by Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, and it rather focuses on the potential of the revolution as well as on the related governance that will need to be put into place. I found that book very inspiring and actually included it into my top-books list. Whilst those books tend to respectively elaborate on the bad and good impacts of technology progress, my opinion is that Alec Ross approaches the topic differently.

    The Industries of the Future by Alec Ross - BOOK SUMMARY - 3 Minutes Smarter

    He talks about the wrong and the good, tries to assess how things are taking shape, where, and why, and he concludes that most of the revolution remains to be provoked. If you are looking for some food for thought on technology or on the next industrial revolution, this book was written for you. Easy to read? Lots of examples? Reading time? Must-read Book? Will make you think smarter?

    My reading notes are meant to give you a very comprehensive overview of the books I read and some food for thought for the month. Having said that, the next step for you is to keep digging! Remember, books are a cheap way to learn new things and to benefit from the experience of others at no cost. Thank you! As always, I hope you enjoyed this book review! Please let me know what you think in the comment box down the page.

    The Industries of the Future

    Especially if you read the book, if you feel like buying it, or if you simply enjoyed my review! Politics, society, technology, business, self-development, you name it! Read smart, think smart! You must log in to post a comment. Book Reviews.

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    Books you MUST read. The book in bullet points Ross explores these major themes: Humans and robots Code: from tool to weapon Data and future markets. He also asks a variety of questions, including: Did globalization serve everyone equally? Is the technological evolution there already? Are robotics necessarily bad for human jobs?

    What is the potential of genomics as an industry of the future? How will code change our reality? Is there an algorithm for trust? What to think about digital currencies? What are the challenges and threats related to those? To what extent can code become a weapon?